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Michael Rabasco

Michael is Senior Technical Manager, North American Operations at WEBER. His job is to understand everything about our products: how they work, their applications, and on-site troubleshooting. As the go-to guy, he gets to be involved in customers’ part design and assembly process to improve the success of their operations. He leverages over 37 years of experience to help problem-solve and applies lessons learned during his tenure to make the process as efficient as possible. Michael is proud to work with an excellent, resilient team of engineers and high level assembly technicians to solve problems our competitors’ simply cannot. He and his team take a measured approach to applications that are very difficult and risky to come up with truly phenomenal builds, staying on top of the automated fastening industry in the process. Deliberate, cooperative, and goal-oriented: that describes Michael and his team and he’s very proud of that. Outside of work, Michael is an avid cyclist (mountain biking) and has also enjoyed many years of owning a boat. He has been the “chief engineer” and captain for family and friends for over 30 years!

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