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    Process controller C30S


    Current control or torque/rotational angle sensor

    The process controller C30S was developed to solve complex screwdriving applications. A wide range of open interfaces (including digital, Profibus, ProfiNet, Ethernet IP) allow the choice of 31 programs and individually configurable screwdriving strategies. Operation is via a 7-inch touch screen. The system is supplied as process controller C30SxS with current control and as model C30SxM with torque or rotational angle sensor.


    Detailed analysis possible

    Various results can be read and documented via a USB/PC connection. For example, the C30S, allows you to count cycles, keep a logbook, save results and document the rolling torques. Curves are output and presented alternatively on a remote display.


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    C30S - Features


    Complex applications

    Color 7-in touch screen

    Digital interface

    Fieldbus interface

    USB interface

    DC servo drive

    Data Collection

    Results Display


    Technical Data


    C30S - Specs

    WEBER CTA - Download Data Sheet


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