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Screwdriving Technology for the

Telecommunications Industry

Screwdriving Technology for Telecommunications


Hardly any other industry is subject to a higher dynamic change than the field of telecommunications. New standards for equipment and technologies are seemingly implemented every week. Information and data exchange via telecommunication has become a constituent element of modern societies. This has implications for suppliers such as WEBER.

Miniaturization of components and fasteners represents the biggest challenge in connection technology. Complex requirements for technical cleanliness in the screw fitting process is adding to the challenge. WEBER responds to short product cycles in addition with versatile systems and equipment.

From smartphones through network nodes to cell phone towers – WEBER provides the appropriate screw fitting equipment for the assembly of units and systems in the telecommunications industry. Internationally renowned companies such as Bosch, Siemens, Schneider, and Ascom rely on WEBER’s years of experience in automation technology.


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