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    WEBER offers both fixtured and handheld insertion systems.  All units have automatic feed systems or intelligent controllers and allow high process forces for setting or insertion.  The setting tools are pneumatically powered.



    Flexi - Handheld Insertion System HPP
    Handheld Insertion System HPP

    The handheld inserting and press-fitting system HPP is driven pneumatically. This noticeably improves the handling characteristics – the insertion forces are minimized. On the HPP, the automatically supplied fasteners are pushed into a hole or placed on a component.

    Flexi - Fixtured Insertion System PEB
    Fixtured Insertion System PEB

    The WEBER PEB fixtured systems features a highly reliable and rugged design to allow a simple method of installing pins or Christmas tree clips or other style when the fasteners that are pushed in with up to 100lbs of thrust.  These units are generally used on a dual or single stage application. The bit can be externally instructed to self advance its automatic bit stroke device and install fastener while detecting…

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