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Screwdriving Technology for the

Aviation Industry

Screwdriving Technology for Aviation Industry


There are countless steps necessary for manufacturing and assembly of a new aircraft before it can leave the ground.  During this process, one aspect is especially critical: the safety of the product.  At the same time, the aviation industry faces the strong influences of innovation in materials as well as ecological and environmental protection.

The developer in the aviation industry face both economic and ecological challenges.  Lightweight construction is aimed at conserving resources in flight.  This also requires manufacturing materials to be durable and versatile.  WEBER manages the balancing of these technological challenges through automated joining technology.

WEBER automated joining systems contribute significantly to quality assurance and reliability for aircraft manufacturers.  The process reliability of the assembly line and the complete data traceability of all WEBER joining operations have convinced manufacturers such as Airbus, Embraer and Ruag Aerospace Structures to count on WEBER joining technology.


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