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    Touch Screen Function Controller CU30


    PLC for handheld and fixtured screwdriving systems

    The CU30 is used as a sequence controller for handheld and fixtured screwdriving systems. The feeding of fasteners is controlled also via the CU30. Its extensibility provides for high performance; a dedicated flexible PLC and pneumatic system are integrated. The CU30 allows you to control almost all screwdriving systems, feed systems, press-fitting and insertion systems. Profibus, ProfiNet and Digital IO can be used as bus systems.


    Integrated sorter vibration control

    WEBER integrates a sorter vibration control on the CU30 for frequency and amplitude control of the feeding unit. The compact sequence control is available either with 3-, 5-, or 7-fold valve bank. External valve banks can be added as options. WEBER provides the CU30 with a touch screen. This can be optionally installed externally.


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    CU30 Features 2


    Complex applications

    Sequence control

    Color touch screen

    Digital interface

    Fieldbus interface

    External display possible

    Controls motion of feeding system and spindles

    Technical Data


    Touch Screen Function Controller CU30 - Technical Data

    WEBER CTA - Download Data Sheet


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