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    Process controller C50S


    Tailored individuality

    The C50S process control is used for individually configurable screwdriving processes. There are 255 selectable screwdriving programs available – custom programs can be completed via an open interface. Networking is realized via Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol. The sequences are visualized on an optional Touch-Panel or a Windows computer.


    For demanding applications

    Detailed information about the screwdriving curves and characteristics can be output with the controller C50S. All relevant process signals are represented on any abscissae. Options for system diagnosis, a logbook, and a backup and help function are also available.


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    C50S Features


    255 programs

    Five results selectable from any stage

    Statistical functions for process quality assessment

    Advanced screwdriving methods: gradient screwdriving (torque, depth), relative torque and M360 each with up to 25 screw stages

    Digital and analogue depth measurement to optimize screwdriving processes

    Process parameters set via customer interface

    Advanced process analysis and diagnostics: last 1,000 curves stored in the control and up to 10 curves superimposed in visualizations

    Visualization on any PC or optional WEBER touch monitor

    Optional redundant measuring system VDI 2862, Class A

    Digital I/O, Profibus, ProfiNet and Ethernet IP

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    Technical Data


    C50S - Specs

    WEBER CTA - Download Data Sheet


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