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Screwdriving and feeding technology


Complexity made manageable

Specifications for projects to automate assembly processes often contain three key expressions: efficiency improvement, quality optimization and cost reduction. To achieve these goals, both the automated screwdriving process and the fastener feed must be fast and reliable. Developing systems of this kind requires experience and expertise. WEBER develops and manufactures individual components, then combines these into fully automated screwdriving and feed systems. With a current total of more than 30,000 units delivered, WEBER is a market-dominating company.




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Vacuum screwdriving technology – When things are tight

Vacuum-based screwdriving technology is often used for hard-to-reach screw holes. A vacuum screwdriver picks up the screw through a suction tube which has a constant negative pressure or vacuum, and positions it at the screw hole. WEBER uses this technology in both its stationary screwdriving machines and handheld screwdriving units. Vacuum screwdrivers are also available for screwdriving cells, allowing a working and rotation axis to be saved. WEBER also installs vacuum screwdrivers in robot systems, allowing for optimum screwdriving results.