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    WEBER Screwdriving Systems Inc. specializes in vibratory, step, and piezo feeding technology. With our large range of feeding systems, we are able to feed almost any fastener style from micro screws for the medical industry, to large bolts for automotive and defense applications.



    Flexi - Bowl Feeder
    Bowl Feeder ZEB

    The bowl feeder ZEB is suitable for sorting, buffering and transport of various small parts and fasteners. Screws, nuts, pins, washers, caps and special elements are fed gently from the hopper to the screwdriving spindle thanks to abrasion-resistant surfaces of the feeder. A noise-insulated vibration mechanism provides for the propulsion. In addition, the noise emissions can further be reduced through a sound enclosure cover.

    Flexi - Step feeder ZEL
    Step feeder ZEL

    The step feeder ZEL feeds screws, nuts and pins and is gentle on the material. The system allows cycle rates as low as 0.8 seconds. The stepwise supply of parts enables processing of surface-coated and sensitive parts. Integrated sensors ensure high process reliability.


    Flexi - Bulk Storage Hopper BB
    Bulk Storage Hopper BB

    The WEBER Belt Hopper can be mounted one either the bowl feeders or the step feeders. This additional container extends the refill intervals for the elements to be fed. The discharge volume per time interval is continuously adjustable – a level sensor is optionally available.

    Flexi - Profile feed tubes for special materials
    Profiled feed tubes for special materials

    For custom fasteners, WEBER offers profiled tubing with cross sections adapted to the outer shape of the part so that screws and nuts are conveyed gently and with no jamming.

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