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Case Study:

Multi-Screw Feeder

Weber USA offers a new level in flexibility and speed of operation with our stepfeeding solutions. This stepfeeder based device will accommodate many variations in length in the same track tooling. Only when the fastener diameter changed, required a “tools free” swap out tooling get utilized. The system was required as a high speed presenter for robotic pick-up, but equally could be used with the highly reliable Weber escapement for blowfeeding.

The system uses core weber technology with very specific design innovations to facilitate high feed rates, orientation of fasteners, and accommodation of multiple sizes without change. The system allows full operator control through product selection on the HMI and takes care of any variables on the vibration, air demands, and speed of the stepfeeder. This device is particularly suitable for the medical, electronics and aerospace industries, and extremely versatile because of its interchangeable tooling allowing this feeding system to run multiple screw sizes in one unit.

The stepfeed unit can run a full range different fastener length sizes from 10mm all the way up to 95mm long with one set of tooling, then from 8mm all the way up to 180mm including various diameters.  The interchange feature allows the tooling to be changed in less than two minutes, and with this technology, end users can maximize their productivity with one multipurpose device.

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