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    Screwdriving Technology for the

    Consumer Products Industry

    Screwdriving Technology for Consumer Products


    The production of electric appliances, as well as security equipment, relies on screw connections – automation solutions are in high demand especially for the assembly of consumer products.

    “Smaller is better” applies also in the electrical industry. Components and fasteners must follow the trend towards compact, while highly powerful, products. For screw connections through automated processes, this means accurate connections that are gentle on the material – with utmost technical cleanliness.

    The assembly of electrical control boxes is a typical example of the use of WEBER automatic screwdriving systems. Such a product requires numerous individual fittings. WEBER screwdriving spindles with automatic feed systems are therefore used on robots to safely and efficiently perform the necessary connections.


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    Our customer was in need of a machine capable of feeding set screws that were not symmetrical on either end. We had to develop an intelligent escapement system that could visually inspect each part and decide what way to drop the fastener so that the strike is facing up. This was accomplished by incorporating an inspection camera into one of our escapements allowing us to visually identify the fasteners orientation with three different styles of coating in the fasteners. The process works by measuring the amount of light bounce back from the surface of the set screw. Because the strike was mostly dark and hollow, the computer system could tell the difference between each side of the set screw. The set screw is then fed to one of our standard LCS spindles and driven down to torque.

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