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Handheld Equipment

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WEBER RSF 25 - Flow Drilling Joining System

Joining Technologies

Engineered solutions for
joining and setting applications



Smooth and quiet operation.

Fast delivery of fasteners without
damage to coatings or finishes.




Sequence Controller CU30

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SEB Screwdriving Spindle

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Bowl Feeder ZEB

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Process Controller C30S

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Feed while you drive.

The basis for this industry leading technology is the unique feed head design of our screwdriving systems.  WEBER was the first and, to date, remains one of the few manufacturers in the industry to incorporate a swivel screw feed arm directly into the feed head. The swivel arm holds the next fastener in place, ready to be driven.  This method eliminates the time spent waiting for the next fastener to travel all the way from the feed system, naturally reducing the cycle time by an average of 2 to 3 seconds. WEBER’s “Feed while you drive” technology has proven to significantly increase production capability and thereby improving the customer’s bottom line.


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Industry leading quality and reliability.

At WEBER, our mission is simple:  To lead the way in providing the highest quality automated assembly solutions globally

Since 1956, WEBER Screwdriving Systems Inc. has stood by this principle by continually raising the bar in the design and manufacture of our high-end automation product line. Our product capabilities encompass feeding and installing a wide array of mechanical fastener styles ranging from micro medical pins and screws, to large bolts and heavy fasteners. WEBER’s niche is in engineering solutions to facilitate hard-to-reach fastener locations, as well as designing standalone feeding systems intended for difficult-to-handle fastener styles. And, our latest evolution of IP capable, networkable control systems enables us to offer the most advanced DC solutions on the market today, proving once again that WEBER is the global leader providing “Technology That Connects”.

WEBER strives to deliver the quality and support our clients have come to expect in today’s highly demanding production environments. Our continued focus on customer experience is evident by offering higher levels of technical expertise, faster deliveries, greater ROI, superior accuracy, and exemplary after-sales support. We have recently doubled our service staff and invested in additional training to enable a world class and timely response to your needs.  WEBER is dedicated to understanding our clients’ challenges and delivering the most suitable technology, product and solutions to see them through today and the next decade.


Automatica | Munich

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WEBER defies the coronavirus crisis

Entirely positive result for business year 2020/2021 | Turnover and return stable at high levels | No short work at German company despite pandemic
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WEBER ZEL480 – new step feeder for large tasks

Step feeder from WEBER move fasteners very gently and with low noise. WEBER has now added the powerful ZEL480 variant to its successful product line
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COVID-19 – Information for our customers and business partners

The health and well-being of our employees, their families and friends are particularly important to us these days. The owner family, management and works council are therefore making every effort to protect our teams worldwide from infection with the corona virus.
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SEV-P: Robotic Fastening System with Automatic Bit Change

With the new SEV-P, WEBER Screwdriving Systems expands its range of servo driven spindles for the field of lightweight robotics. The SEV-P is primarily used as a pick & place system and can process all sizes of individually fed hardware elements.
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Jonathan Ray is the new CEO at WEBER USA

WEBER Screwdriving Systems Inc. (North Carolina), USA, appoints a new CEO: Jonathan Ray has been appointed CEO and President of the fully-owned subsidiary of WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH Wolfratshausen.
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Smith Power Systems – WEBER family’s new addition

Smith Power Systems, ( based out of Dallas, Texas, is the newest addition to the WEBER family of skilled Manufacturer’s...
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Welcome Robway Automation, Inc.

It is with pleasure to introduce Mr. Rob Pardikes, President, of Robway Automation, Inc. ( to the WEBER Representative Team....
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Jim Graham, has left the WEBER Group

After some discussions on differences in the view of the strategic business direction, Jim and the WEBER Group, have agreed to choose separate directions going forward, and this has resulted in Jim resigning to pursue new opportunities in the automation & manufacturing industry.
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WEBER USA Doubles NC Footprint

WEBER Screwdriving Systems Inc. is excited to announce the expansion of the WEBER Complex!  Our recent acquisition of an additional...
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Screwdriving Devices to Handle Micro Fasteners

Devices and technology are getting smaller. Even with growing screen sizes, internal components are constantly getting thinner. Space is premium...
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