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    Fixtured Nutdrivers/Torquing SEM / SEK


    For nuts and head-heavy fasteners

    The SEM variant is suitable for use with nuts, flanges and special nuts. Head-heavy screws can also be installed with the SEK variant. Both models use vacuum technology to reliably supply the fasteners and automatic feed systems.


    Reduced moving masses

    Through a fixed drive module, the number of moving masses is significantly reduced on both models. A dynamic transducer enhances this design property further. Another compelling feature of the fixtured screwdrivers SEM and SEK is their use of a reversing gear module with a compact design.


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    For installing short screws or nuts

    Screwdriving spindle with active screw positioning at tooling for head heavy screws, as well as flanged and special hex nuts

    Automatic feed system with profiled feed tube to deliver the fasteners to the spindle

    Pneumatic or electric drive


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    NUT Specs

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