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Swivel Arm


Feed while you drive

The basis for this industry leading technology is the unique feed head design of our screwdriving systems. WEBER was the first and, to date, remains one of the few manufacturers in the industry to incorporate a swivel screw feed arm directly into the feed head. The swivel arm holds the next fastener in place, ready to be driven. This method eliminates the time spent waiting for the next fastener to travel all the way from the feed system, naturally reducing the cycle time by an average of 2 to 3 seconds. WEBER’s “Feed while you drive” technology has proven to significantly increase production capability and thereby improving the customer’s bottom line.



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Swival Arm S1-3

The first screw is blown through the swivel arm into the aligning jaws of the screwdriving head. The feeding tube and the aligning guide are made to suit the screw dimensions so that the shaft of the screw is perfectly concentric in the aligning guide to ensure a smooth transition of the screw through the jaws during installation.

Swivel Arm S2-3

The rotating screwdriver bit moves forward towards the fastener, pushing the swivel arm out of the way and thereby closing off the end of the swivel arm tube with the steel stop plate. The bit continues forward to engage the screw.

Swivel Arm S3-3

While the screwdriver installs the fastener, the next screw is already being delivered and positioned in the swivel arm, ready for the next cycle as soon as the bit retracts.

Swivel Arm S4-3

The screwdriver bit retracts back through the jawset and past the swivel arm, allowing the arm to move back to its original position. The fastener then drops down into the jaw set and is immediately ready for another cycle.