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    About WEBER

    Since 1956, the WEBER Group has been designing and building various equipment solutions for tough and demanding application needs in the assembly business. We have demonstrated our creativity and motivation which has continuously kept our standards high. For our customers, this means custom designed and engineered systems of the highest possible quality.  Today, we continue to push for better, more innovative ways, and frequently we come up with solutions that our competitors have yet to even consider.  From the start WEBER has been developing, manufacturing and selling “Technology that connects”.


    The WEBER Group


    The WEBER group operates worldwide while still keeping strong roots in the Upper Bavarian town of Wolfratshausen. With production facilities and sales offices in Germany, France,  North America, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic and China, WEBER continues to be the global leader in automated screwdriving technology.

    WEBER has a presence in every continent and in every major industrial nation, meaning that we are never far away from existing customers (or new ones). Having such a strong network of support facilities around the globe, we ensure there will always be a WEBER facility nearby to support our products.  CLICK HERE to find a WEBER representative near you.

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    WEBER World Map v2

    Brno, Czech Republic
    WEBER Automation sro.
    Sumavska 15
    60200 Brno
    Saint Jorioz, France
    WEBER Assemblages Automatiques S.A.R.L.
    Route de la Chapelle du Puy
    74410 Saint-Jorioz
    Grossaffoltern, Switzerland
    WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH
    Bierhübeli 22
    3257 Grossaffoltern
    Charlotte NC USA

    Weber USA, Head Office USA
    Knob Hill Road 149
    NC, 28117 Mooresville

    Weber Automation China Co. Ltd.
    Maoming Nan Lu, Room 1003, Rui Jin Building 205
    VRC – 200020 Shanghai

    Wolfratshausen, Germany - HEADQUARTERS
    WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH
    Hans-Urmiller-Ring 56
    82515 Wolfratshausen
    Bologna, Italy
    WEBER Automazione Italia s.r.l
    Via Dell’Arcoveggio n. 49/5
    40129 Bologna

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