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WEBER handheld systems offer industry leading speeds and versatility to increase production and decrease operator fatigue.  With a hand driver to suit almost any application, WEBER has you covered.



Flexi - Handheld Pneumatic Screwdrivers HSP
Handheld Pneumatic Screwdrivers HSP

The WEBER HSP handheld system features a fast self-advancing automatic bit stroke device to install fasteners. When the start level is depressed ( anywhere along the length of the HSP hand piece ) the bit advances forward out of the jaws to expose the bit and fastener therefore allowing greater visibility for the operator and creating clearance from the parts. The simple use and operation with extremely rugged construction and proven design can only add to the legendary Weber reputation of reliability. Customization is performed on…

Flexi - DC Electric Screwdriver HSE
DC Electric Screwdriver HSE

The HSE handheld system features the flexibility that WEBER is famous for. This device allows the use of any DC electric or DC torque and angle system to be fitted to the back. The fast self-advancing automatic bit stroke device allows the fastest installation in the industry. When the start button on the handpiece is depressed the self advancing bit starts to move forward out of the jaws to expose the bit and fastener while simultaneously starting the DC tools rotation. As the bit and fastener become exposed, this allows the operator much greater visibility and creates a greater clearance…

Handheld Screwdriver HET

The handheld screwdriver HET is a powerful screwdriving system with an electric drive. The open design allows the use of different drives and controllers, which can be provided by the customer as well. In combination with the controller C30S and the Bit Box, the compact handheld screwdriver is an unbeatable combination for flexible assembly workstations.

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