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Pneumatic Screwdrivers HSP


Handheld Pneumatic Screwdriver

The WEBER HSP hand held system features a fast self advancing automatic bit stroke device to install fasteners. When the start level is depressed ( anywhere along the length of the HSP hand piece ) the bit advances forward out of the jaws to expose the bit and fastener therefore allowing greater visibility for the operator and creating clearance from the parts. The simple use and operation with extremely rugged construction and proven design can only add to the legendary WEBER reputation of reliability. Customization is performed on most systems to ensure the utmost functionality for each fastener size and style. The single inlet air supply is far superior to competitor products, which require multiple hoses and sensor wire to achieve the same motions.

This device can accommodate two clutch styles, friction and one-shot shut-off, and can be fitted with sensors to provide input to a PLC for specialized applications.There are also several variations available on this product such as the WEBER ONLY  Magnadrive, vacuum noses for tight space access and world class nutdriving solutions.  Please contact us for more technical information and pricing on a system for your needs.


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Single grip switch start

Automatic feed system

Integrated bit stroke

‘Feed While You Drive’

Horizontal pistol grip version available

Vacuum version for hard to reach screw locations available

Technical Data


HSP - Specs

WEBER CTA - Download Data Sheet


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