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Benjamin Fischer

Benjamin is the Engineering Supervisor at WEBER, overseeing a group of highly skilled engineers who provide world-class custom fastening and feeding systems to our customers. He has helped streamline WEBER’s engineering process and provide real time feedback to those working with customers on bids. Benjamin is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and highly respected and valued member of the team. He received his bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from UNCC. He is proud to contribute to the success of WEBER and be part of our country’s manufacturing ecosystem. Personally, Benjamin likes fishing (bass, mostly) and spends a large portion of his free time reading. He is a lifelong learner, and just started MBA courses. He is also learning to speak German - his goal this year is to not miss a single lesson.

Meeting Production Rate Demands for Challenging Electronic Fastening Applications with Automated Screwdriving

Challenging electronic fastening applications include those scenarios where you may have to reach deep recesses, overcome obstructions in the part’s geometry, or drive a fastener from an atypical angle (like a vertical-up or flush, horizontal orientation). Finding a solution that can meet the production rates demanded while maintaining the required quality in these situations, increasingly depends on the technology you deploy.  

Top 4 Fastening Solutions for a Challenging Assembly Application

At WEBER, we understand that just because you have to solve a challenging assembly application...

How Modular Screwdriving Components Allow Flexibility in Your Automated Fastening Application

When faced with the challenge of maximizing cycle times and improving overall equipment...

Solving Fastener Orientation Challenges for Any Kind of Assembly

Whether it’s for large consumer products like a kayak or complex assemblies like a dishwasher,...

WEBER ZEL480 – new step feeder for large tasks

Step feeder from WEBER move fasteners very gently and with low noise. WEBER has now added the...

SEV-P: Robotic Fastening System with Automatic Bit Change

New servo driven spindle expands the WEBER portfolio of lightweight robotic assembly applications....

Jonathan Ray is the new CEO at WEBER USA

WEBER Screwdriving Systems Inc. (North Carolina), USA, appoints a new CEO.

Jonathan Ray has been...