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Woodworking Screwdriving Solutions Designed to Work with Wider Tolerance Limits

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When driving fasteners in soft materials like wood, consider a pneumatic handheld system complete with an adjustable clutch to accommodate a variety of wood densities. Unfortunately, typical screwdrivers are prone to operator error and common screwdriving solutions tend to struggle to monitor the screw’s angle, active depth, and correct torque.  

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WEBER’s handheld screwdriving solutions are ideal when fastening in wood or materials that require wider tolerance limits. This is a common situation when mounting fittings, hinges, and other hardware in many window & door applications which enables precise and fatigue-free production even at high assembly volumes.  Automatic, fixtured Screwdriving systems are designed to work in wider tolerance limits due to the variations in hardness, natural knots, water content, etc.

To reduce common screwdriving challenges when working with wood, evaluate WEBER’s handheld and fixtured screwdriver solutions.

Handheld CircleThese pneumatic and electric systems use automatic screwdriver feeders to eliminate the manual work of reaching into the tray, picking the screws, and driving the screws into the assembly.  Simply drive one screw and the feeder will automatically feed the next screw to the driver – leaving little to no room for human error. With our C30S Controller, you can validate drive operations to ensure each screw is driven to the correct depth, at the correct angle while ensuring proper torque.

Some assemblies require a handheld screwdriving solution that gives operators maximum flexibility and reliability. WEBER’s handheld systems deliver versatility and industry-leading speeds to increase production. In addition, Our handheld screwdriver solutions are incredibly lightweight, reducing operator fatigue, and also feature a quick-release system for fast-bit, tool-less exchanges.

So, if you need a fixtured or handheld screwdriver for your woodworking screwdriving application, WEBER has you covered.


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