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Solution of the Month: Window Assembly with WEBER 6 to 2 Positioned Screw Diverter

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Each month we feature a unique application design solution we've developed.  Sometimes it's a tailored solution for a complicated obstruction point or maybe it's a solution to reduce product quality issues.  This month we are featuring the Window Keeper Assembly with WEBER 6 to 2 Positioned Screw Diverter.  This innovative solution will change the assembly game for manufacturers looking to increase cycle time.  This multi position screw diverter can be used for customers and applications that require multiple screwdrivers to be fed by a single feeder, customers that have the same screw configuration but have different coatings on the screws or material (stainless steel, steel, zinc coated, etc.)


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  • Feeding from (3) ZEL240 Feeders to (2) SEB-03 Screwdriving Spindles 
  • Product solution with 6 inlets – on this application, only 3 will be used for feeding to spindles, one for hand feed screws and 2 spare. 
  • Servo positioning divertor configurable for various size fasteners and multiple inlet and outlets



  • Components - 2 x SEB03 screwdriving unit +3x ZEB240 + 1 x Diverter
  • Drive - C30S Current Controlled Servo Motor
  • Feed Orientation - vertical down
  • Head stroke - head clearance stroke included
  • Single cycle time -3 s / per screw
  • Feed system - 3 x ZEB240 with TG13 Escapement  1 x distributor 6 -2-way



  • Designation - 3 colored head wood screws
  • Head type - Flat Head
  • Head Ø - 7.1 mm
  • Material - Steel



  • Positioning accuracy - Via axis system
  • Screw locations - 4



  • WEBER 6 to 2Feed and Drive (2) screws per assembly with (2) SEB03 Screwdriving Spindles per station 
  • Target = Feed from (3) separate ZEB240 Feeder bowls, each containing different colored (painted) screws. Dependent on the product being assembled, the appropriate colored screw will be fed from the feeder, thru the 6 -2 diverter, to (2) SEB03 screwdriving spindles.



  • In the assembly station, the part is ID’d to which colored screw will need to be installed. The feeder bowl for the required colored screw is selected to operate. The divertor is then positioned to the programmed position that is aligned with Screwdriver #1.
  • Screw is then escaped and blow fed from the bowl to screwdriver #1. Once screw is detected at Screwdriver #1, the divertor is indexed to the next position outlet, the next screw is escaped and fed to Screwdriver #2. 
  • Once both screws are in place in the screwdriver, both drivers advance forward and install both screws to a torque and monitor depth to ensure the screw is seated to the part. 
  • This process continues until a new part is identified for a different screw color and the cycle repeats.

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