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Solution of the Month: LCSV Vacuum Spindle for Long Reach Application

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Each month we feature a unique application design solution we've developed.  Sometimes it's a tailored solution for a complicated obstruction point or maybe it's a solution to reduce product quality issues.  This month we are featuring the LCSV Vacuum Spindle for Long Reach Applications.  This innovative solution will change the assembly game for manufacturers.  It's built to drive screws in deep part recesses that you used to have to drive by hand.  No more operator fatigue!   

LCSVIn a recent application, we used this long stroke vacuum spindle in conjunction with the C30 drive and ZEL feeders. This application is for an assembly that required 50 screws to be installed in various locations, some wide open and others recessed down a long sidewall of 200mm. The LCSV provided the solution to feed and drive all 50 screws utilizing a X-Y Cartesion robot, as a Z-axis was not required. The long analog depth sensor allowed for depth measurement reading of 256mm.  The C30s is designed to solve complex screwdriving applications, allowing you to count cycles, collect screw installation data of assembled parts along with on-board analysis tools to ensure quality and uptime.  

It also helps you monitor your fastening application and make changes to the installation specifications such as torque, angle, and depth – enabling you to perform your most critical tasks with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Here is more information on the project!


New call-to-actionSpecial Features:

  • Extended stroke Bit protrusion – designed for up to 200mm deep recesses
  • Simple Design vacuum module with quick release features.

Machine Data:

  • Components - LCSV Spinlde with 200mm useable stroke. Analog depth sensor - 256mm measuring range
  • Drive - C30S Current Controlled Servo Motor
  • Feed Orientation - vertical down
  • Head stroke - N/A
  • Single cycle time -3.5 s / per screw
  • Feed system - ZEL240 with TG13 escapement


  • Designation - Self tapping screw
  • Head type - Pan head with integral washer
  • Head Ø - 8.0 mm
  • Material - Steel
  • Torque - 1.6 Nm

Work Piece:

  • Positioning accuracy - Via axis system
  • Screw locations - 50 locations – (5) systems
Long Reach Screw Location 2


  • Feed and Drive (50) screws per assembly with (5) LCSV03 Screwdriving Spindles in multiple stations
  • Target = Not all screws are on the same plain. Customer wanted a common spindle to access screws with an XY motion system (no Z-Axis). This meant screws can be driven at 25mm away and 200mm away. The long analog depth sensor provides the measuring range required.

Process Description:

  • The LCSV03 Spindle is mounted to a X-Y Cartesion Robot.
  • Robot positions spindle over screw location which is 25mm away from end of nosepiece or up to 200mm away.
  • Start of cycle advances the bit forward, engages screws thru the nosepiece and continues until it engages into the part screw location, which drives the screw to a programmed depth then slows to a final torque, monitoring final depth (ensuring the screw is fully seated).
  • Each screw location results in a variety of cycle times. Close screw locations are driven in 2.0 sec. And far to reach locations in 3.5 sec.


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