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Video: How to Maintain Productivity with Reduced Labor Dependency

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Finding and retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers. The increased demand for skilled resources leads to higher costs if the scale-up trajectory depends on manual operators to meet the required production capacity.


Check out this video or read on to learn more!


Combining fixtured spindles with automated feed solutions allows manufacturers to scale at ease without incurring additional all-in labor costs. Fully automated screwdriving and feeding solutions maximize availability and quick-change tooling reduces the downtimes required for changeovers.

You can maximize availability with our Screw Feeding Solutions.  The screw-feeding systems enable faster cycle times and increased availability by automatically sending the next screw to the driver to maximize productivity. The feeder can supply one or multiple spindles and only requires refilling at a central point.

Depending on the application (i.e. screw types and profiles), the feed system orientates the screw and supplies it to the feed tube in the correct position. Pneumatic air blows the screw to the spindle, where it enters the swivel head arm and utilizes the Feed While You Drive technology for the fastest possible cycle times.


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