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How to Solve Screwdriving Application Challenges in Your Automated Assembly

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When you have to reduce product liability issues while dealing with automated assemblies that require deep counterbores (or you need to overcome obstructions without damaging a fragile electronic part), let's face it, the laws of physics can be your biggest obstacle.



However, what you can do is design your automated assembly workcell with these laws in mind. From the start, and during every stage of the part and the automated assembly line’s design, if you understand the limitations of our modern capabilities, you can probably overcome almost any challenge with a bit of ingenuity and foresight.

At WEBER, we solve challenging assembly operations with automated screwdriving systems that reduce cycle times, increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and help engineers to error-proof their fastening operations.

In this eBook, we show you how our screwdriving systems solve these unique challenges.


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