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Addressing Automated Screwdriving Challenges: Assemblies with Little or No Clearance

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When clearances are your primary concern with a screwdriving assembly, the SEV vacuum with a standard swivel arm system can accomplish most of your needs. As you can fix the screw in place with the vacuum force and orientate the driver using the swivel arm, you can overcome obstructions and ensure the stroke reaches the driving point accurately.

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For unique assembly applications, WEBER has specialized screwdriving solutions that help you overcome most of the challenges you face every day. Depending on your application and process, we can combine standard fixtured and handheld systems in different configurations that increase cycle times and help you to error-proof your assembly operations.

We’re here to make automation easy. Start optimizing your automated assembly operations with unique screwdriving solutions from WEBER.

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At WEBER, we design and build automated screwdriving solutions for the toughest and most demanding applications in assembly operations. We develop improved and innovative ways to solve complex issues and design challenges that can't be beaten.

WEBER offers products that feed, drive, and insert screws to meet the exacting demands required for these (and many more) assembly operations from tractor-trailer assemblies to woodworking or medical device assembly. Get custom screwdriving solutions plus industry-leading support with every WEBER product you buy.