WEBER ZEL480 – new step feeder for large tasks

Step feeder from WEBER move fasteners very gently and with low noise. WEBER has now added the powerful ZEL480 variant to its successful product line

Wolfratshausen – With the ZEL480 model, WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH presents an especially powerful and robust variant of its step feeder. The new ZEL480 variant is suitable in particular for processing large fasteners and components, while offering customers the same benefits as the existing ZEL240 and ZEL360 designs.

The ZEL480 step feeder is now available and can be used for automatically feeding screws with a head diameter of up to 32 mm, a shaft diameter of up to 16 mm and a shaft length of up to 120 mm – a 40 percent increase in the maximum possible component size compared to the smaller ZEL360.

The demand for larger automatic feed system has arisen in recent years in particular in the automotive industry. The expanding e-mobility market and the consequently growing number of installed batteries have generated substantial demand for systems such as the ZEL480. Battery packs in particular are usually mounted with larger fasteners. This is an essential area of application for the ZEL480.


Gentle on the material and low noise

Step feeder are regarded as a particularly gentle and low noise technology for feeding screws, nuts, caps or special-purpose parts. These product benefits are also implemented by the larger version ZEL480.

The aligned parts are moved towards the escapement unit with gentle vibrations, separated and provided to the tool (e.g. screwdriver) through the feed hose.

The minimized vibrations of the fasteners or components allow for processing of surface-coated and sensitive parts – an essential advantage for complying with standards on technical cleanliness and consequently the best possible process reliability when mounting sensitive workpieces.

At the same time, the technology of the ZEL480 ensures that moving masses are reduced to significantly prevent noise emissions. In addition, WEBER offers a sound enclosure cover for the ZEL480 which further reduces noise generation.

Franz Kroll, Team Leader for Mechanical Design and Development: “The benefits for our customers are evident. The ZEL480 stands out on account of the low abrasion on the components, the very low noise generation and the high output rates. In addition, we use the maximum number of standardized components for the ZEL480 in order to achieve maximum flexibility with short changeover times for feeding components.”

The ZEL480 can be linked to any Weber screwdriving system. Very large fasteners and components can be accepted from the escapement unit of the ZEL480 step conveyor and moved to the screwdriving location with a pick & place solution

COVID-19 – Information for our customers and business partners

Dear Sirs,

The health and well-being of our employees, their families and friends are particularly important to us these days. The owner family, management and works council are therefore making every effort to protect our teams worldwide from infection with the corona virus. In doing so, we are guided by the requirements of international and national health authorities – but also decide what measures to take after careful internal consideration. These currently include the following:

  • consistent compliance with hygiene measures at all sites
  • Avoidance of physical contact, for example during greetings
  • Avoidance of travel that is not absolutely necessary
  • Avoidance of meetings in larger groups as far as possible
  • Use home office and virtual meetings wherever possible.

With these precautionary and protective measures, we want to help contain or slow down the spread of the virus. At the same time, we want to ensure that we have taken all the necessary precautions to trace and interrupt chains of contact and protect colleagues from passing on the infection in the event of an infection within our workforce.

In addition to our unrestricted duty of care towards our colleagues, we must also keep the entrepreneurial side in mind. The comprehensive precautionary measures are therefore also intended to ensure that WEBER can continue to produce, fulfil its delivery obligations and thus generate the turnover necessary for long-term success.

In this context, we have decided to suspend customer visits to our sites until April 19, 2020 and to keep the appointments of our employees at our customers’ sites to a minimum. In addition, all training dates until April 19, 2020 will be cancelled. We will offer alternative dates in due course.

Outside of these restrictions, however, we are fully available for you. As the movement of goods is not affected by any restrictions at the moment, no bottlenecks in customer service or the ability to deliver our products are expected in the coming days and weeks. We are your reliable partner even in this exceptional situation.

The situation is characterized by a high dynamic. We therefore make all relevant information available on our website and our social media channels on a daily basis.

We remain with the best wishes

Karl Bujnowski, Managing Director


Wolfratshausen, March 17, 2020

SEV-P: Robotic Fastening System with Automatic Bit Change

Mooresville/Wolfratshausen – New servo driven spindle expands the WEBER portfolio of lightweight robotic assembly applications.
Another WEBER innovation: pick & place system with automatic tool changer.

With the new SEV-P, WEBER Screwdriving Systems expands its range of servo driven spindles for the field of lightweight robotics. The SEV-P is primarily used as a pick & place system and can process all sizes of individually fed hardware elements. Additionally, the WEBER SEV-P spindle can tighten pre-assembled screws or nuts with the desired torque.
With the SEV-P, WEBER responded to customer requests for maximum flexibility and a higher degree of automation in screwdriving processes. It is the first supplier worldwide to offer a spindle which conducts a fully independent tool change while mounted on a robotic arm.
Following the principle and the applications of lightweight robotics, the spindle itself is also designed to be lightweight – the smallest model weighs just 1.5 kg and offers up to 10 Nm of torque. This can be used to implement a variety of different assembly applications. More powerful versions in the SEV-P series can weigh up to 5 kg and reach a torque of up to 60 Nm, always equipped with a corresponding drive and spindle carrier. Due to the vacuum screwdriving technology used, the SEV-P is also suitable for screw connections in hard-to-reach positions.
Flexibility in assembly processes is becoming increasingly important for customers. WEBER follows these demands with the SEV-P, allowing the use of any number of different exchange tools for processing different fasteners or workpieces.
WEBER once again sets the standard in making assembly processes more effective. This direct customer benefit is realized through the fully automatic tool change.
Customers who have already pre-ordered the SEV-P will be using the new ultra-light screwdriving spindle for applications which require a variety of different fasteners, for example in repair stations. The very compact SEV-P is also suitable for assembly processes in tight spaces or for lightweight robots with a maximum payload of 3 kg.
The SEV-P is combined with standard drives and existing controls from WEBER. Suitable adapter flanges for different robot models are optionally available, as well as a slide for robots without force-controlled tracking.

Press contact:
Zack Ruffing
WEBER Screwdriving Systems, Inc.
149 Knob Hill Road, Mooresville, NC 28117
CELL: 704-761-9503

Welcome Robway Automation, Inc.

It is with pleasure to introduce Mr. Rob Pardikes, President, of Robway Automation, Inc. ( to the WEBER Representative Team.
Rob has direct sales experience of over 35 years and works out of his office in Hartland, MI where he will now assist in covering the state of Michigan for WEBER. Robway Automation, Inc. has invested in lead follow-up systems and tracking, and attends regional trade shows, such as the Assembly Show in Chicago and the International Manufacturing Technology Show.
Please join us in welcoming Rob to the WEBER family.
Rob can be reached at the or at mobile # (810) 208-0701 or office # (810) 208-0701
Rob, please accept our warmest welcome and best wishes for a long and prosperous relationship with WEBER.

Jim Graham, has left the WEBER Group

Jim Graham, President of WEBER Screwdriving Systems Inc., has left the WEBER Group effective October 15th 2017.

After some discussions on differences in the view of the strategic business direction, Jim and the WEBER Group, have agreed to choose separate directions going forward, and this has resulted in Jim resigning to pursue new opportunities in the automation & manufacturing industry.

We want to express our thanks to Jim for his work and service to the WEBER Group and particular the growth and development at WEBER USA, and wish him all the best and every success for his future career.

The WEBER Group and all the staff at WEBER USA are committed to providing premier automated joining technologies to the global markets and we will ensure that our valued customers and partners continue to be supported.

Another announcement will be made once Jim’s successor is appointed in order to continue the growth and development of the WEBER Group in North America.

We look forward to continuing our support for all the customers of the WEBER Group.

Karl Bujnowski
President WEBER Group