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    Jonathan Ray

    As CEO at WEBER, Jonathan’s purpose is the same as our company’s purpose: to help others - both customers and employees - succeed. He absolutely loves celebrating the wins with customers and employees; those experiences build relationships that last a lifetime. What drives him more than anything is being able to watch those around him learn, grow and achieve things they thought were impossible. He has spent his entire career in industrial manufacturing with a focus on automation. He is a husband and father of five kids, and when not at work, he loves to travel and hike all over the Appalachian Mountains with his family. Jonathan is also an avid runner (both half and full marathons and 200-mile team relays). His most loyal running partner is his 105-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback.

    Converting a Manual Screwdriving Solution Into an Automated Screwdriving Operation

    First things first, converting a manual screwdriving solution into an automated screwdriving operation isn’t as easy as you may think. When you have operators manually driving screws into assemblies, you may not realize exactly what error detection and fault correction abilities they are bringing to the process. Relinquishing these operators from the process to establish a quality automated alternative isn’t as simple as slapping a robot with a screwdriver end-of-arm tool into the workcell.

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    How to Solve Screwdriving Application Challenges in Your Automated Assembly

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    Integrating an Application with High-Speed Screwdriving Requirements (50-75 cycles per minute)

    Screwdriving production automation plays a crucial role across industries, from automotive to...


    Watch the video blog below to learn more! 

    Process engineers and machine builders have a lot of...

    COVID-19 – Information for our customers and business partners

    The health and well-being of our employees, their families and friends are particularly important...